Importing live to local request fresh WP install

Hello, Can anyone help?

I have imported a site from live to local but for some reason when i visit it in browser it is as if i was installing WP from fresh again.

Does anyone have any ideas why this might be?

Many Thanks

Hi Alex,

My guess would be that wp-config.php wasn’t change to use the new database prefix. You can go into Adminer or Sequel Pro to check the database prefix (example: wp_) and then make sure $table_prefix in wp-config.php matches.

Hi Clay,

Thanks for getting in touch. Rather amateurishly, I didn’t think to check the database. I now have, to find that there is nothing in it…

Which begs the question, how is Local installing the site in the first place?


Here’s some more info on how Local imports archives: How can I import a site into Local by Flywheel

Thank you, but the paths are right - i promise.

Surely if they weren’t then it wouldn’t be able to import the site?


Hey Alex,

Is there any way you can share the archive you’re trying to import? If so, feel free to private message me here or e-mail it to

I have dropped you an email. Thank you.