Importing site from GoDaddy Manged WordPress site

Issue Summary

I need to import a site from a GoDaddy Managed WordPress site. GoDaddy does scheduled backups of the site files and database. I have downloaded those two backup files and would like to import/restore them in Local WP.

Troubleshooting Questions

I am able to create a new, plain WordPress site in Local and access it in a Browser.


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System Details

I am new to Local WP.

I am running Local 6.6.1+6281 on Windows 10 Pro 21H2.

The hosting used PHP 7.4, Apache, MySQL, and WordPress 6.1.1. (Upgrading PHP to version 8.0 breaks the theme that I am using, so I am sticking with 7.4) . (I did not find the version of Apache or MySQL that GoDaddy is using.)


I tried creating a new Local WP site using the option to import an existing ZIP file, but the GoDaddy backup probably is not compatible with a WP Migrate backup. The Import starts, copies a lot of files, and then just stops.

I created a site in Local WP with PHP 7.4.30, Apache 2.4.43, and MySQL 5.7.28. (I used the oldest version of MySQL hoping it will be compatible with the existing backup.) I also tried MySQL 8.0.16 and got the same result.

I am not finding how to get to phpMyAdmin or command line MySQL to restore the database backup. I tried just copying the .sql file from the backup to the app\sql directory (maybe that is not a way to get the database restored).

I deleted the files in app\public and copied the files from the file backup to that directory. I edited the app\public\wp-config.php file to change the DB_NAME to the name in the backed up wp-config.php file and DB_HOST to ‘localhost:[port number from Local > Local sites > Database tab]. The database tab then shows the Host, Port, and Database name correctly. On starting the site, it gets error 1045. I changed the database username and password in the wp-config.php file to the defaults created with the new Local site. That gets error 0.

How can I restore the backup from the GoDaddy hosted site to Local WP? Can I just create a new site with whatever name I pick, or must it be the same as the site name in the GoDaddy hosted site? (I tried naming the site the same as the site name at GoDaddy, but it did not help.) Is there anything else that needs to be edited in the restored files? How can I restore the database?

Hi @DarrylJR

All Local really needs for a direct import is a bundled-up WP-Content and SQL. Is there any reason you’d think the hosted site is corrupt or having a DB issue?

Does your hosted site have any backup plugins on it that could be storing and additional SQL files?

Have you tried using WP Migrate Lite (free) to do a regular full site export and import that as opposed to the hosted backups?

Keep us posted and we’d be happy to help further!

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