Install Composer for site - win 10

How do I install composer to be used in my project?
Checked other support threads like this one -
But it just doesn’t work. To begin with, “apt-get update…” gets “apt-get unrecognized…”

When trying the Composer-Setup executable, It asks to “choose the command line PHP you want to use” - but which one should I choose? and is it (using Composer-Setup executable) the best approach if you are working on multiple projects?

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I’m with the same issue.
One way to install it is via Site Shell. But I’m facing the same issue and apt-get is unrecognized.
I tried to update, get certificate but always is about apt-get
My topic:

I’m waiting week to get answer on that issue and tried many solutions. Adding Local to Path on Win 10. Adding PHP from there and everything that I could. Still doesn’t work.

Maybe anything I tried will work for you but don’t have any high hopes. But I’m happy to exchange details and anything that can solve that issue to both of us.

Also still waiting for anyone from Support but looks like you don’t pay for hosting you don’t have Support even for App that should be supported and maintained. Especially if this is released for everyone. There is plenty of people who waits longer than week or two for any support.

Eventually what did the trick for me was to download and install composer executable (here -Composer). Then download XMAP or AMPPS. When running the composer setup, it asks you to point it to a php.exe file, then point it to the PHP file in either XMAP or AMPPS.

You might get an error - something about deprecated - but it’s an easy fix, just look for the error line on google - you will find a solution (change a value in PHP.INI).

That was what enabled me to use composer :confused:

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An alternative to installing xamp/wamp etc is to just install PHP itself.

  • Grab the version you need and extract to your preferred location (e.g. c:/php)
  • Rename php.ini-dev to php.ini
  • Install composer and use php.exe from your installed folder (e.g. c:/php/php.exe)
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