Install Xdebug + PhpStorm on Local

On Local (I have the free version - 5.0.5+900. I am trying to Install Xdebug + PhpStorm. Instructions are:

  1. Launch Local
  2. Click on “Add-ons” in the left navigation bar
  3. Go to “Installed” Add-ons
  4. Click on “Install Add-on From Disk”
  5. Browse to the downloaded Add-on
  6. Done!

I cannot find the “Add-ons” referred to in the instructions on my Local app.

At this time I don’t believe the Local beta is coded to work with Add-ons.

Thank you. Does this mean that I have to go back to a previous version?

No but I don’t know the directions for getting PhpStorm to function, I use VS Code.