Stuck trying to setup up xdebug/PhpStorm

Issue Summary

The directions (found here: read:

  1. Download and install PhpStorm.
  2. Navigate to “Xdebug + PhpStorm” within the “Add-ons” tab of Local.
  3. Click the “Install Add-on” button.
  4. Click the “Enable & Relaunch” button.
    5. From any site, navigate to the Utilities tab and click the “Add Run Configuration to PhpStorm” link.
    That’s where I’m stuck. “From any site…” Huh? I’m looking everywhere I can think of to find a Utilities tab, scouring sub-menus, etc. – no success. THANX!

(P.S. I’m running on Linux (Ubuntu))

EDITED FOR PROGRESS (for others who may have this problem)

  1. It’s now under the ‘Tools’ tab, not ‘Utilities’.
  2. Apparently you first have to create and save your PhpStorm project before you can successfully run ‘Add Run Configuration to PhpStorm’

Now to get breakpoints working (in a separate forum post)

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