Installation fails possibly low disk space on Windows10

I’m trying to install Local by Flywheel on a Windows 10 PC and the installation stops with no error message after the green progress bar was at about 50%.

I tried installing several times before and I was getting different erros like “unable to overwrite”, but those errors do not appear anymore now. I suspected those errors were caused by the AppData folder being set to read-only and very low disk space on drive C. I now removed the “read-only” property from AppData and also freed about 300mb on my C drive, but I still have very little free space. That’s when the errors stopped appearing, but the installation still fails.

Edit: Now I am again receiving an error: Error writing to file Uninstall Local by Flywheel.exe

I do not wish to install on drive C. I suspect the error may be caused by the lack of free space. Maybe the program is trying to exact various files on drive C before I have a chance to specify I want to install to another drive. What do you think?

Thank you!

Hi @dan.mihaescu,

Unfortunately, Local on Windows will only install to C:\ at this time. This is something that we’re looking into adding in the future!

Also, Local requires at least 1.5GB of free space to fully install.