"Installed addon" section is crashing the app

Issue with “Uh-Oh Local ran into an error !”

Hello all, my Local is crashing every time I try to access “Installed addon” section

I recently discovered the addon “Image Optimiser”, it looks interesting for my work. I tried to install but I can’t because “Image Optimizer requires Local ^5.9.2”, after checked my version, I’m using the 3.3.0… Tried to update => “Your local is up to date”. Well, ok…

I red i could download the addon an install it directly, so i tried to go on the section “addon instaled”, but when i open my local is crashing with the message “Uh-Oh Local ran into an error !” as you can see on the attached.
Maybe you can help ?

Thanks !

I’m running os 11.1

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