Installing ChartDirector PHP extension


I’m unsure how to install the ChartDirector PHP extension when using Local. The developer’s instructions are here:

They are saying I need to drop the extension files into the PHP extensions directory then edit php.ini to enable it. I understand where to edit php.ini, but I don’t see where the extensions directory is with Local on Mac. In php.ini, I see references to /opt/php/7.1.4/lib/php/extensions/ but when I cd /opt in Terminal, the directory is empty, so I’m confused.

I appreciate any help you can give me. Lovin’ Local and very grateful for it.

I’m not sure how proper this is, but I was able to get the extension working by doing this. Maybe this will be useful to someone installing a non-PECL extension.

  1. Copy extension to app directory (app/ChartDirector)

  2. Edit conf/php/7.1.4/php.ini to add:

    extension = /app/ChartDirector/lib/phpchartdir710.dll

  3. Restart the site then check phpinfo to see that the extension loaded

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