How do I enable php-intl on Local?


I am trying to use the NumberFormatter class in PHP but it seems that Local by Flywheel does not have php-intl enabled. I am running the latest version of PHP in local and have added extension=php_intl.dll to the sites php.ini file and restarted but I am still getting the following:

Error: Class ‘NumberFormatter’ not found

Any ideas?



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Hi @alan,

If you’re on Local 5 on Windows, you can add extension=php_intl.dll to php.ini.hbs for the site you wish to enable that extension on.

Note: These instructions will only work if you’re running Windows and Local 5 or newer. If running Local Classic (Local 3 and older), see How do I compile additional PHP extensions? for details on how to add additional PHP extensions.

After adding it, you should see something similar to:

; Load extensions

Once you change the file, restart the site in Local for the config change to take effect.

Hey Clay

Thanks for the reply, I should have also said that I am on a Mac :slight_smile:


Got it! Funny enough, the steps are a bit more complicated on macOS.

I’m going to work on a quick doc to get this installed.


Awesome thanks :slight_smile:


+1 for better cross-platform documentation on custom PHP extensions. @clay Trying specifically to get intl easily added to any site. Thanks for any quick help you can provide.

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Any progress on putting together documention for this? I’ve been trying to resolve it by following various stackoverflow posts about enabling Intl for PHP but I haven’t been able to make it work yet. Thanks!

I would like to use NumberFormatter and am therefore also interested in learning how to install this on a Mac. :slight_smile:

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Did anyone get this extension working with localwp?

I also really need this to work, and I’m on a Mac. Were you able to put together a doc for this, @clay?

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@clay I use WPEngine and this extension is enabled on their platform. Local should be setup with the same extensions as a host environment.

+1 for getting intl enabled on Mac.

Did you ever write that quick doc?

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I wanted to use Local me too, but I have the same problem. I need to add Intl extensions and likely other extensions if I need them on a Mac. I look forward for a doc for Mac @clay :slight_smile:

With all the requests I have made about Intl to add it to Local I can only put a big +1

Hi @clay I would also appreciate a doc about how to add INTL on a mac. Any idea when you could create that?

@clay @keegan
Another +1 for some documentation on how to do this on macOS. It looks like many folks are struggling with this issue, and this is the page that Google brings up when researching the issue.

Hey @clay , any news on this ? Could you share the steps for macos ? Thank you

add + 1 here… for some reason i’m interested in a mac doc too :slight_smile:

@clay (or anyone from the team): it would be reallyreally appreciated if there was at least a sign, that you read the messages and ideally an indication when something could be expected. I love local and it would be shame if i had to look for an alternative if intl couldnt be installed on a mac.

Same problem here. I thought I’d give local a try for my local development.

The first site created, the first site needs intl extension, the first site failed to set up on local. A bit sad especially other than that it works well. I hope someone can at least give us some directions of how to do it manually on Mac :confused:

any news for a how to for mac os ?