Internal server on Xdebug breakpoint

I was running xdebug and stopped on a breakpoint. so far so good, but after 40-45 seconds the site redirected to a page that displayed an internal server error.

I have the extension running and by default the max_execution_time is 1200. I also checked php.ini, but no value is below 40 seconds.

Has this to do with a timeout or is this something else?

Thanks, Sam

Hi @san

You could try looking through the tips in our performance guide below to rule some things out:

It is solved. It was an Apache problem. Apache times out by default after 40 seconds on a breakpoint. I added FcgidIOTimeout 600 to site.conf.hbs withing the <ifModule...> section to increase this to 10 minutes.

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Thank you for the update @san!

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