Is it ok to leave your PC on all the time?

So the only thing stopping me from using Local is that when I power my machine down the live link will not be available to clients …

Do any of you guys just leave your machine on all the time? I just have a humble Dell Vostro.

there’s a lot of limitation with ngrok that makes live link kinda useless for now. try sending the link with a message that the link will be inactive after 30 minutes or better yet, put the files on the production server to showcase/get feedback. just my 2 cents!

Sorry - what’s ngrok?

ngrok is the technology that makes Local’s Live Link to work, basically, it allows you to share your project across the internet via HTTP/TCP tunnels on random URLs/ports. the current limitation we have with ngrok is that they only allow 40 connection requests per minute, basically refresh the link, 4-5 times in quick succession, and ngrok will scream.

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