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How to setup persistent HTTP in Nginx, Apache, and Local? Ngrok fairly useless

Out of the box, Local Live LInks seems fairly useless with Ngrok (as evidenced by the MANY posts about connection limits and other problems).

As of this writing, simply loading a vanilla Wordpress installation allows for one refresh every 60 seconds, and as soon as you add even one plugin, it’s impossible to load at all using the service, consistently getting the “TOO MANY CONNECTIONS ERRORS.”

You’ve recommended in other articles to use a caching program. This still doesn’t work. Not only are codebases too big these days, but it’s virtually impossible to do any real dev work with minified files.

On the Ngrok website it says in the FAQ listed here https://ngrok.com/pricing that if Persistent HTTP is configured in the web server then “This virtually should never happen.”

How can we configure our sites with persistent HTTP to avoid this?

On one hand, this is a feature request. There are so many valid complaints about the service with promises to improve the experience in Local over the past several years, but nothing is happening. Even Local PRO can’t solve this problem. Hopefully the persistent HTTP is an option, otherwise, this service really needs to be replaced with a better solution.

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