Is Local 3.0.5 Stable?

Local 3.0.5 was released as beta on March 15th Local by Flywheel 3.0.5 (Pre-release)

However, 2 months later it still hasn’t trickled down to being publicly available via the auto-updater. That worries me that there are problems with it…

We really need PHP 7.3 support.

I can’t find any feedbackon 3.0.5 and PHP 7.3 positive or negative here in the forums. Anyone?

John I’ve been using it for a long time now. Go for it.

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Hey @jb510!

I’m using Local by Flywheel 3.0.5 since a month and it seems to be working jjst fine. Even better than the previous versions. PHP 7.3 is working like a charm.

Anyway I would love to see 3.0.5 (or any new version) comming soon!


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