Is Local available for Fedora

The subject says it all, can’t find the installation packages only, mac, windows and debian linux.
Is some people got it working on fedora but it is not clear, how.
Why aren’t the official packages on the main page?
I see on blog forum that could download but it isn’t possible atm.

I hope someone could help.

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rpm builds are available for our releases on the releases page -

Does this installer work for you?


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Hello austinwendt,

Thanks for the solution I was working it for hours, thank you so much it’s working.

You rock!

Have a nice day

On the main page only Windows, Mac and Linux Debian Ubuntu is offered.
I think it is important to also add the Fedora option.
Otherwise ppl wouldn’t even try local or they get frustrated because they couldn’t find a solution.
Maybe you can relay this message to the person in charge.

Thanks again

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