Is using PREFERRED mode for setup a risky choice if deploying to a "non" Flywheel host?

Hi, I’m aware that if using “Preferred” settings for site setup, I’ll be locked into that particular web server and PHP version. If after developing locally using these settings I need to deploy to a live host that uses a different web server and php version, will I encounter any problems?

It really depends on the webserver and PHP/MySQL version your host uses, and the code you are using. If for example your host runs older versions of PHP and MySQL then the most likely issues you could encounter are:

  1. You have some PHP7.x code that is not backwards compatible with PHP5.x.
  2. Migrating a database created in MySQL5.6 to 5.5 can sometimes cause problems.

So personally I always try to develop in a local environment as similar to the live one as possible, so I always use ‘custom’ rather than ‘preferred’.

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