Setting Up An Environment

Hi. I’m using Local v3.3.0 and I’m having difficulty setting up an environment. I had a look at server side requirements at, and they require PHP 7.3 or greater and MySQL 5.6 or MariaDB 10.1 or greater.

My problem is that, while the preferred environment runs on MySQL 5.7, however, it runs on PHP 7.2.9 which doesn’t fit the requirements. Would setting up a custom environment help, and I’m a beginner, do I need advanced coding skills when using custom settings?

no advanced coding skilles needed when using custom settings. it’s just as easy as preferred.

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@torriv Thank you for your reply, that helped me but, I do have one more question though.

Upon selecting the custom environment, there is a notification at the bottom of the page that reads, “Connect to Flywheel is not supported on Custom environments.”
What does that mean?

if you have your site hosted at it won’t be able to upload it to that site. but if you have your site hosted somewhere else, it’s nothing to care about. :slight_smile:

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@torriv Thanks for the concise response. I’m glad you mentioned hosting because I’ve been doing some research on that. I believe that migrating is a complex process and can result in terrible outcomes if not done well.

Would it be better for me to use Local by Flywheel to host the site since I’m developing locally with their product?
Do you have any hosting company suggestions? I’m based in TX and I’m looking for affordable dedicated hosting with 99.99% uptime, unlimited bandwidth, more than enough RAM, good page load speed, and good tech support & customer service.

Hey @PearlSS ,

Our new Local v5 (and later) doesn’t require VirtualBox :tada: which means it’s way more reliable and faster to startup. This latest release also supports PHP 7.3!

Join the Beta Testers group and try our latest beta that brings back Custom Environments and other various improvements:

Once you’ve joined the Beta Testers group, download the latest beta here:

Happy coding!

Can I just query this. I’ve been using Local by Flywheel for over a year as I’m learning WP. This is the first I’ve heard of this. I’ve got the latest version running i.e. v3.3.0 yet you are saying there is a v5! And it doesn’t need Virtualbox running. But when I go to your main website is this new v5 available AND if I export my locally hosted site can I easily import into this new version?