Issues with editing posts and WP Admin on only one of my Local sites

I am having a strange issue with the WordPress editor/admin features on only one of my local sites.

I am running local 5.6.8 on my mac running OSX 10.15.6. The browser is Chrome version 84.0.4147.125. The WordPress site in question is running WordPress 5.4.2, it has a local SSL certificate, on PHP 7.4.1, SQL 8.0.16, with an NGINX server distribution.

I just got back from vacation and I noticed that the site is randomly not letting me edit existing posts. I can create new posts but it won’t allow me to publish them either. I have another site with a really similar setup, same starter theme, same PHP version (7.4.1), same SQL version (8.0.16), and same Server Distribution (NGINX). The other site allows me to publish and edit posts no problem. When I try and edit a post, the page just seems to load for minutes with no timeout. My fan also heats up on my computer and when I looked at the activity monitor on my Mac, I see the php-fpm task climb to the top of the list on the CPU.

I did sort of notice this error before I went on vacation but I was in such a rush to get my projects wrapped up and get out of town that I didn’t take note of any changes that happened up until that point that could have caused this issue.

It’s worth noting that on the site I am having issues with I tried a few weeks ago to switch PHP versions to do some testing and ran into a bunch of common errors that I have seen all over this forum. Could this be the root of the problem? Do I just need to do another fresh install?

It’s also worth noting that this morning when I was messing around with these errors the ‘site health’ screen was showing two different errors, one for the REST API and another I can’t remember that isn’t showing up any longer. They were both rooted in the cURL error 28.

I very much think that these issues are rooted in PHP but I can’t seem to come up with any ideas of how to troubleshoot them. Any input and help are greatly appreciated.

I am still running into this problem on Local version 5.6.10. Any PHP experts who can assist?

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