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Lack of Salt Secret-Keys in new installations

Salt Keys are not generated

  • wp-config.php on the line 54 where should be auto generated authentication unique keys and salts there’s only comment:
  • I tested it in many ways (setups), but the keys are never generated automatically for now quick fix is to add it manually: You can generate it here

Steps to reproduce

  • Just make new install and see if You have the lack of keys too.

Environment Info

  • Macbook Air - Monterey
  • Environment, PHP could be custom or perffered. The problem comes on all of the configurations.
  • Local v6.4.1+5978

Supporting info

local-logs.zip (40.9 KB)

Same problem here:

  • MacBook Pro - Monterey (M1 Max based)
  • Local v6.4.2+6012

Same issue here. It causes problems with some plugins throwing php warning if these keys are not added manually in the wp-config.php file.

An automatic generation of the keys would make sense.