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Just started getting this error on wordpress over the past few days… not sure why? any thoughts

I am using DIVI theme builder and trying to add some plugins to my website. and for some reason, i keep getting this error… I am also hosing my site in LOCAL so that I can work on the site on my desktop before moving to a real server … any thoughts? Here is the code… I am getting this for just about any plugin I am trying to install fatal error: uncaught error: undefined constant “secure_auth_key” in c:\users\tpkel\local sites\new-website-3\app\public\wp-content\plugins\logo-showcase-with-slick-slider\freemius\includes\class-freemius.php on line 4061

Thank for you your help.

Hello there, Thomas! Thank you for bringing your question to the Local Community, welcome! :wave:

It looks like that error is coming from the Logo Showcase with Slick Slider plugin. Have you tried disabling that and seeing if you are able to add plugins?

Maybe try that and let me know if that helps!

:woman_technologist:t3: Sam


I had the same problem trying to install other plugins, and looking on Google I found the solution.
You need to update your file wp-config on your local site folder. How to do it?

1.- Go to your local dashboard > site folder > app > public > wp-config.php

2.- You can edit the file using any code editor. (I use Atom).

3.- Then you need to find these lines (mine were about line 40):

  • Authentication unique keys and salts.
  • Change these to different unique phrases! You can generate these using
  • the {@link secret-key service}.
  • You can change these at any point in time to invalidate all existing cookies.
  • This will force all users to have to log in again.
  • @since 2.6.0

4.- Go to the link provided there:
This will generate new API Keys for you (new ones every time you go into the link)

5.- Copy all the Keys and paste them in your wp-config file, right after this */ symbol. Save file and done.

This should make disappear that error. You will have to re login into your web.

Let me know if you need more help. Regards!