Latest Local by Flywheel update might've tampered with the functionality of my plugin

I’ve recently made a detailed StackExchange post on this current problem of mine:

To summarize the post, the WordPress Migrate DB Pro plugin can successfully migrate data tables from my virtual machine (installed by Local) to my remote Godaddy server. However, it CANNOT transfer media files from the media library.

The tech support for WordPress Migrate DB Pro told me it’s GoDaddy’s fault and their policy on ModSecurity. GoDaddy told me I can’t edit the ModSecurity on my remote server. Instead, I should just use a FTP Application to transfer media. GoDaddy hasn’t informed me on how to properly whitelist files so that WordPress Migrate DB Pro can do it’s job.

So I’m sorta out of options at this point. I was wondering if Local had any helpful tips. I noticed the plugin was working just fine only until after I cloned my local site for the 3.2.1 update.

Just for reference –
My local site domain is: keystone-musical-arts-center-clone.local
My remote site domain is:

Please help. This issue has been plaguing my site for a month now. As you can see from the remote URL, there are no pictures on my site because of this error.