Let's hope Local Lighnting is still on

Let’s hope the WPEngine + Flywheel merge doesn’t mean Local Lightning will also be merged with WPEngine’s DevKit… or at least that it’ll still be free to use, and possible to combine with any hosting service we choose.

Yeah, I hope they have a post here soon talking about the impact of this. I get that they mightn’t have a decision now, but I hope they do soon.

The timing stinks… they were supposed to open the beta of Lightening on Friday, then came the announcement. Still no beta.

Let’s just say, I’m extremely confident it will all turn out OK, and soon, too :nerd_face:

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Hey friends, Local Lightning and the rest of our roadmap is on! We’re super excited to get this in your hands later today.


Hey all, thanks for the support! As Jack said, Local Lightning is still on. In fact, it has just been released to the first batch of testers.

If you’re interested in joining the private beta, see the instructions in the topic below:


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/* maniacally hitting the “get new mail” button every few minutes here */ :upside_down_face:

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I’m also waiting for a few days and no reply so far :frowning:

I’ve sent a PM in Twitter, as instructed

I didn’t get any mail, but was logged out here, and when I logged back in I had access to the private thread and the Beta (which is running nicely, BTW).

Thank you for letting me know. Nothing for me so far. I’ll wait patiently. Maybe the Local guys need some time to check and act on all these messages