General release date of Local Lightning

Hey guys, do you have a very general release date of Local Lightning? I see that it is in Beta. When I say very general, are we talking in 2019 or more likely in 2020? It’s all good, I was just hoping for some guidance.

I’m just trying to do some planning on my side.

I am imagining that there will be no function to export/migrate sites from the current Local by Flywheel directly into Local Lightning as i’m thinking this might be error prone. Is this correct?


It’s coming along pretty quick, and will definitely be by the end of the year!

We just recently released it from Private beta to Public beta:

This version is better in many ways. There are a few things that are still missing as of today (only the latest versions of PHP and MySQL are available, as well as Add-ons need to be re-added) but in terms of performance and ease of installation, the public beta v5 is better than the current stable version of v3.

In terms of migration paths, they are going to be two separate applications. We did this so that you will be able to use the current version of Local by Flywheel (v3) and slowly migrate to using Local (v5) at your own pace.

Hope that helps clarify things, and I encourage you to give the public beta a try!

Thanks! This is great.

If I try the open Beta Local (v5), do you expect there will be a migration path from that to the final release version (i.e. a simple update button) .

Don’t worry. I’m not going to hold what you say in stone : ) . And won’t blame you if it happens to be different down the road. Thanks.