Live Link looses some of the pictures

I seem to have same problem than many other user. I want to demo my site to the client, but when viewing the site on a different computer than the local is installed on, the site goes broken. Background images are disappeared.

I’m using Astra theme with a Elementor page builder.

Really unhappy to have these kind of issues. This is my first project I started with local.


Hello @Tomi,

So sorry to hear that Live Link isn’t playing nice with your images. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a number of issues from other users using Elementor and Live Link together. It sounds like:

If images aren’t loading, then chances are they’re probably hardcoded URLs to the images in the CSS files.
Right now, Local can only find and replace URLs on the page that’s being loaded. It can’t replace URLs in CSS/JS files.

Considering this appears to be a common issue with Elementor, please forward this thread onto Elementor’s support. They should be able to work out a solution.

I apologize for not having a better answer!