Live Link Too Many Connections Message

Hi there

I had a couple of errors today on my first attempt at ‘Live Link’ with a client.

  1. Too many connections:

  1. A ‘bad gateway’ message on occasion sorry didn’t catch that one in full

I felt a little insecure running that to be honest so an assurance on how it works and how safe it is would be good.


Hey Alicia,

Right now the Live Link functionality uses ngrok as the tunnel provider.

For more information you can visit their site here:

Hi Clay,

Getting the same “too many connections” message, wondering then if I pay for a Pro plan at that this will help fix this issue, and if so will it continue working fine with Local by Flywheel?

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I came up with the same message while trying to access a local site on my computer, iPad, and iPhone at the same time. The ngrok site is a little over my head. Is there any way Local by Flywheel could do a quick video tutorial on how to set up the ngrok path using Terminal? A little more user-friendly info would be great.