Live site to local using duplicator

hey, i use Cpanel for my live sites. when i am migrating site from one domain to other i use duplicator plugin. i make empty database in c panel, and when i run installer.php i have to fill in database, user and password. how can i create empty database, user and password so i can fill in that information.

Hi David,

Lucky for you, Local can import Duplicator backups very easily! :slight_smile:

To import a site into Local with a Duplicator backup, simply drag and drop the .zip from Duplicator onto Local’s main window or macOS Dock icon to initiate an import. From there, enter the desired site name, path, and domain and Local will import the site.

Please let me know how that works for you.

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hi Clay,

i tried that, and it works. I have to say that this is much easier than i thought. So that is why i didnt know how to do that :smiley: thanks for your help :smiley:

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