Deleted local site and reimported newer duplicator backup - but reverts to old database

Hello guys.

LOVE Local - it works brilliantly but I’ve run into a weird problem.

I had users sign up on my live site - so decided to delete my local version and set up a new version using Duplicator. The site imports perfectly (drag and drop into Local) but annoyingly it has the old database from the previously deleted version.
I’ve even tried completely reinstalling VirtualBox and Local but the old database comes back every time.

I’ve double and triple checked my Duplicator download and its the updated version of the site.

Some details about my install:
PHP 7.03


I had the same problem a few months ago. I ended up doing the following to fix:

  • Stop site.
  • Close Local.
  • In browser, Clear Cache, then quit browser.
  • Restart Local.
  • Restart browser.

Worked for me (after spending hours trying to figure out where it was getting the old data from!)
Hope that helps.


Hey Dan, how are you?

Can you explain exactly how are you importing the live site back to Local?
That database have to be coming from somewhere, are you importing the right file? Could you be importing an old file instead of the new one you exported from Duplicator?

Thanks for the reply!
I’ve cleared my cache and no joy.
Its a puzzler.

I’m dragging and dropping the zip file.
I’ve been careful to delete old files before I install them.

The only other thing I can think of is some issue with Duplicator when its compiling the back up - although I’ve unpacked the file and checked the database and its the most up to date version. (checking in Dup installer)

It’s really weird, new imports don’t mess with current sites.
Can you try something? Don’t delete the old site, lets say it’s called “mysite”. When you import again, use a new domain name like “mysite-live” and let it import.

Duplicator don’t compile it back, Local does, and at the moment the package is being built by Duplicator (at the live site), it uses the live database to build it, so at the import it should use the live database.

The only thing I can think of, is that when deleting the old website, the fact that you might not be emptying the recycle bin, or not deleting the old files properly makes it use the old database with the Local auto-backups.

Ah, another thing you can look into is if there is any .sql file in the root folder of your site, this can be conflicting with Local in the import process.

PS: Database values are not usually cached, only static files (html/css, etc) generated by the PHP files or Wordpress, so cache shouldn’t be a problem.