Local 5.2.1 slower than server on windows 10


I’m getting around 8-10s FTTB with local 5.2.1 on clean installed windows10.

In comparison
I’m getting 3-4s FTTB with my average web server with litespeed server cache enabled.
2-3s with clean wordpress install, no plugin, no theme

After reading through several posts for v3 or v2, I just want to post my findings and see if the speed can be improved for V5, or this is already the best?

According to query mornitor

  • The page generation time is around 6-8s,
  • it can be further reduced to 5-7s if WIFI turned off, so DNS takes approx 1s or so.

Above is with 15 plug in enabled using DIVI. Tried to run only 5 plug in & no plug in, basically similar result so its not plug in causing slow down.

Tried to have asset clean up with lots optimization found making no visible difference as well.

However, if divi css cache cleared, and asset clean up css combine cleared, then first time loading take around 30 seconds, subsequent loading fall back to the same range of 8-10s.

So in summary

  • having some plugins won’t make any difference
  • there’s no “server caching” function within local (or I didn’t know how)
  • optimization doesn’t really make difference as well (kinda expected being local), but you do need to let plugin & theme generate cache
  • bulk of the FTTB is spent “generating the page”

So the question is, is 8-10s every refresh pretty much the best scenario?

Hi @rxcfirst,

Local v5 actually improves performance by at least 2x. Many users see performance even better than that!

Themes like Divi make a lot of database requests and are generally slower than PHP-focused themes.

All that said, any improvements to Local performance with the site above would come from running on a more powerful computer.

Hi @flyjack

Thanks for the reply, but I’m kinda bottle up in upgrading laptop. My current is i7-8550u with 16g Ram 1tb 970pro ssd, not the best I know but a decent all rounder, and I don’t think fancy RTX GPU is going to help at all.

Divi is also not the fastest builder out there but in the similar situation being decent all rounder.

My performance test was done while I had clean Win10 again not much more to squeeze there.

Is there any other ideas to gain speed apart from me going to build a server grade linux machine?

To other community members,

what kinds of performance are you getting?

Hi Robin,

Thanks for the response! Considering you have an i7 and SSD, you should see reasonable performance.

One thing that might help is disabling Xdebug if you’re not using it.

Disabling Xdebug in Local 5 and newer

  1. Open up the site folder by clicking on the circled arrow beside the site path

  2. Navigate to conf/php/php.ini.hbs and open it in your preferred editor. I like Visual Studio Code for editing config like these.

  3. Comment out the Xdebug section. On the line before [xdebug] add {{!-- and on the line after xdebug.profile_enabler=0, add --}}. Here’s what it should look like after adding those two lines.

  4. Restart the site in Local to reload the config

  5. To verify that the change worked, you can click on the i beside the PHP version to open up a PHP info window. Once that opens, you should see no mention of Xdebug.



Thanks for sharing the Xdebug for V5, apparently its a bit different to disable than V3.

Just want to share more of my real world testings, unfortunately disabling Xdebug did not make any difference for me.

With Xdebug disabled on 5.2.1, cached optimization (minified & combines css/js), still same 6-10s page building time, peak memory usage is around 65mb, 165 db queries taking approx 0.23s.

If js/css cache cleared, local5 takes around 20-25s to build the page, a bit better than 30s in prior testing.

With my hosting server enabling lightspeed server cache, 2-3s page build time, peak memory is around 120mb, 180 db queries taking approx 0.06s

With all cache cleared (server, chrome, js/css minify cache), 6-7s page building time, peak memory around 120mb as well, 250 db queries taking approx 0.11s.

I hope these will offer some reference

Hi @rxcfirst,

Thanks for the breakdown.

I just created a site with Divi and numerous popular and complex plugins like WooCommerce, and the page load times were under 5 seconds. The testing was in a Parallels Virtual Machine (limited to 3GB of RAM and 3 threads) on a 2018 MacBook Pro.

Is there any possibility you can send us an export/backup of a site you experience slow speeds with in Local? Or instructions on how we can set up a site in a similar manner?

I’d love to get to the bottom of this!

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