Local running slow on windows 10

Hi, after seeing Local being promoted on a number of recent you tube videos, i thought i would give it a go, as i am just about to update my old website in WP 5 using Divi. I expected it to run as fast as online if not quicker, but I found it to be MUCH SLOWER. It looks to be a great product apart from its operating speed. I am running a SSD with an i5 processor and I have activated both Faster Docker Volumes & IPv6 Loopback in the preferences, do you have any thoughts on what i can do to improve this speed issue. Cheers Neill

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I’m sorry about the speed issues you are experiencing. What version of Local? Windows or Mac? When you create sites, are they on preferred or custom? One of the most common fixes you’ve addressed with the Faster Docker Volumes enabled. Have you seen this thread on the matter? Very slow on Windows 10