Local 7.2.0 and WP-CLI

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Here we go again…

The bundled WP-CLI version in Local 7.2.0 is still 2.7.1 but since the preferred PHP version 8.1.22 is copied now to the Application Support folder you can’t update WP-CLI with the shell command wp cli update because of the space in the path.

~/Library/Application Support/Local/lightning-services/php-8.1.22+1/bin/darwin/bin/php

Can you manually replace the wp-cli.phar in the Local app directory to install WP-CLI version 2.8.1 without breaking the code signing or something else? Any news about the WP-CLI bug and the pull request that was rejected due to problem with esc_cmd()?


There is more information about the update problem in the post below.

Hi @emmtre -

Agh. This bug with WP-CLI not taking the space is frustrating. No, no additional feedback from the WP-CLI team other than some additional functional testing we could have added. Based on the convos in their Slack, they are cutting a new release on Monday (18 Sept) and we will incorporate that into Lcoal.

We’ll also have to follow up in their Slack channel to see if we can get some traction/help on pushing that PR across the line. I didn’t think about the impact of moving those PHP files to a new location potentially breaking the wp cli update command, but that is our plan for file structure going forward, so we’ll have to address it.

Sorry for the break here - we’ll test it out with the latest WP CLI release on Monday!


@austinwendt No worries. Sometimes you have to navigate around the obstacles to make some progress. What about moving the WP-CLI folder out of the app to the new location and file structure as well? I guess we have to wait and see what the new WP-CLI update brings next week. I hope we can get some help from the WordsPress community to prioritize and fix this bug. Local and macOS can’t be the only app and platform affected from this bug.


I like that idea - definitely an option. Once we’ve got the new update, I want to verify the issue still exists, and then drop Adam’s PR in the community channel to see if we can get guidance. A single test failed in the test suite but without much detail on what was actually happening… we hadn’t contributed to WP-CLI before, so even more guidance on how to troubleshoot that failure would help us keep moving.

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I was able to do this and haven’t seen any repercussions yet.

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I don’t know if this is universal on macOS but in ~/Library I have a symlink for Application Support to ApplicationSupport.

If this is consistent perhaps Local could use this symlink to its advantage.