Local 8.0.0

Why have you removed the lastest version 8.0.0 from releases to download? Have you found any serious errors that caused the decision to remove this version? Is it still safe to continue to use 8.0.0 without any corruption of data?

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Great question @emmtre!

This was removed solely because of an issue related to pushing to Flywheel using Local Connect. We removed it from the release board and from being pushed to users to minimize how many Flywheel customers might hit a snag in their workflow. The Dev team has been working hard on getting this sorted this week and we hope to have it resolved soon.

If you’re not using Local Connect to Flywheel, there shouldn’t be any reason to not continue using it! If you do need to utilize that functionality, simply downgrading to the last version will allow normal workflow to continue :slight_smile:


@Nick-B Many thanx for the quick reply and update!

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Of course! Any other questions or concerns with the new release you know where to find us :sunglasses:

Just updating the thread to share this:

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