Local App won't open

HI I’ve uninstalled and installed twice, and app downloads but won’t open. I had a previous version of the app, but didn’t give the option to upgrade. So uninstalled and downloaded a new one. Now it won’t open???

Hi! So sorry for your trouble!

When you try to open the app are you seeing any sort of error? Would you mind sharing a screenshot if you can?

Also one thing that has helped me in the past is to make sure the app is saved in your Applications folder.



Hi thanks for responding I’m actually getting this message when trying to

Can’t even uninstall it and started and restarted computer


Thanks for the screenshots!

Can you please try deleting the C:\Users\korrieschubert\AppData\Local\Programs\local-by-flywheel folder?

Once you do that, please try running the Local installer again.

Sorry I’m not seeing that folder any ideas?

If you click on the bar above where it says, This PC » OS (C:) » Users » korrieschubert, you can paste in the path I provided. The folder may be hidden by default.