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Local Beta 6.1.4

Release Date: October 1st, 2021

Operating Systems: macOS, Windows, and Linux

Download Local 6.1.4 (Beta) for macOS

  • SHA1: 0c2cb38012f06ff620bb4933a8cd0c079d97156c

Download Local 6.1.4 (Beta) for Windows

  • SHA1: 7bbf45a5ff4ff593d85cf84a7de67c2b11286f5e

Download Local 6.1.4 (Beta) as Linux deb (Ubuntu, Debian, Mint)

  • SHA1: 2c04f835a917acccde4f2185bc3ace9243dee5d9

Download Local 6.1.4 (Beta) as Linux rpm (Fedora, Red Hat Linux, CentOS)

  • SHA1: c4dc670c611cc9805bf365b6b105322c4a1aa968

What’s New in Local Beta 6.1.4

Bug fixes

  • Resolved “SSL Certificate has expired” error when attempting to enable a Live Link.
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