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Local Beta 6.1.8

Download Local 6.1.8 (Beta) for macOS

  • SHA1: 89905bbae0f371b356d43f7e39a4a8cff870ac62

Download Local 6.1.8 (Beta) for Windows

  • SHA1: 6665d0e0c8a42d8232401cd104193b89c4aa9eeb

Download Local 6.1.8 (Beta) as Linux deb (Ubuntu, Debian, Mint)

  • SHA1: 9941c1bf8b07f8491cbf2c3696f2b31c77b0042e

Download Local 6.1.8 (Beta) as Linux rpm (Fedora, Red Hat Linux, CentOS)

  • SHA1: 966ffcf8dd16848fbbf606f1bbf11623b51ac727

What’s New in Local 6.1.8

Bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue where users were being automatically logged out from WP Admin after using the Admin button and successfully logging in.
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