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Local Beta 6.3.1

Download Local 6.3.1 (Beta) for macOS

  • SHA1: ac095c332f0bb0533ec1776c5931bd6e895a30c2

Download Local 6.3.1 (Beta) for Windows

  • SHA1: 16c0fd5f6dbfbe365a11bfd347c02263dc598a80

Download Local 6.3.1 (Beta) as Linux deb (Ubuntu, Debian, Mint)

  • SHA1: 3c8bfb1f2a755c9d7d5c79b1cd459536c4432973

Download Local 6.3.1 (Beta) as Linux rpm (Fedora, Red Hat Linux, CentOS)

  • SHA1: a767794589b7f912f3ac4325027346cc1703e96d


  • Sites that have been built using the Atlas add-on are now supported in the import/export site workflows.
  • WP-CLI has been updated to the latest version (2.6.0) within the site shell.
  • MacOS app icons have been updated to be in line with Apple design standards.

Bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue where an unselected default browser would lead to broken links inside Local.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Firefox from being selected as a default browser on Windows.
  • Resolved PHP fatal errors thrown when attempting to install plugins over a Live Links connection.
  • SSL certificates should not be duplicated on Chrome, resolving the ERR_CERT_INVALID errors some users experienced.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the front-end from spinning up on Atlas sites due conflicts with the release of Next 12.