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Local Beta 6.6.1

Download Local 6.6.1 (Beta) for Intel MacOS

  • SHA1: 6a1263a37124b988d17c4b5feafae551e6b73837

Download Local 6.6.1 (Beta) for Apple Silicon MacOS

  • SHA1: c9868fd30b2462d9ba73b2b3e031dbb5951188d9

Download Local 6.6.1 (Beta) for Windows

  • SHA1: 786ec8f2f3709bb0e909ed181ffb86d539021d77

Download Local 6.6.1 (Beta) as Linux deb (Ubuntu, Debian, Mint)

  • SHA1: f16265d3d57096c60b92a6674252771f61ec6b97

Download Local 6.6.1 (Beta) as Linux rpm (Fedora, Red Hat Linux, CentOS)

  • SHA1: 9831ba2454be01a1fa33bf8fe5c6af28bafcd7fe

What’s New in Local 6.6.1


  • During site creation, sites that have been imported from a WP Migrate export will auto-select the PHP, web server, and database versions if Local offers an exact version match.
  • Default WordPress Admin e-mail updated to dev-email@wpengine.local. This can be changed in Preferences.


  • Canceling a site import before it completes will correctly prevent the site from being created in Local.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed sites to be cloned to an existing site name, causing Local to stall. Local will auto-increment the site name in the file path to avoid conflicting paths.
  • Resolved an issue with sites created from Atlas Blueprints crashing when the site was opened in Local v6.6.0.

Third Party Dependencies

  • Upgraded to Electron v21.3.4
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