Local Beta 9.0.4

Download Local 9.0.4 (Beta) for Intel MacOS

  • SHA1: 36e7ce2b84aa5952694f444844fe1f347ee62c9c

Download Local 9.0.4 (Beta) for Apple Silicon MacOS

  • SHA1: 3999ac1286ef25cb8f8f255a1e5afa8edb94bef8

Download Local 9.0.4 (Beta) for Windows

  • SHA1: b143b3a4f2acad90f27c71d29fbc3c0f5c3169c5

Download Local 9.0.4 (Beta) as Linux deb (Ubuntu, Debian, Mint)

  • SHA1: 980d7961fbb662efade0690aab4f2003ab90d1cf

Download Local 9.0.4 (Beta) as Linux rpm (Fedora, Red Hat Linux, CentOS)

  • SHA1: 6ec6262379f9e66578824c39c19687d2ca0b8628


  • Updated WPCLI from 2.9.0 to 2.10.0
  • Upgraded to PHP 8.1.29 as the Preferred version, now including AVIF image support. This enhancement aligns with WordPress 6.5’s new AVIF editing capabilities in the media library.
  • In addition to PHP 8.1.29, new versions of 8.2.20, and 8.3.8 also include AVIF image support and are available for previous releases of Local Beta.
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