Local (Beta) Keeps Freezing Up

I am trying to diagnose a problem with Local (Beta) 5.0.6+976, though I don’t think the problem is directly related to that version. I have had the same problem in pre-beta local and in earlier versions of the beta. My partner, who uses a very similar iMac to mine, does not have this problem. My question is: how can I diagnose this?

Here’s what happens…

When I am using a particularly complicated multisite install in Local, the system just freezes up many times a day. After I click on a link, the page will get about 20% loaded (based on the Safari progress indicator) and then stop. No other attempts to reach the local site via that browser or other separate browsers like Chrome will work. Every attempt to load any page will freeze at about that 20% mark.

While browsers are frozen, I can still get to and manipulate the database with SequelPro. So some parts of the “virtual” machine are still responsive, but not the web server.

At this point, I can go to the Local app, stop that site and start that site again. This will immediately unfreeze all the frozen tabs in all the browsers.

As I say, my partner, running the exact same local site on his very similar machine has no trouble at all. But I see this ALL THE TIME.

How can I narrow down the issue and figure out what is going wrong? None of the logs indicate any problem. The PHP logs show no error when this occurs. The nginx error log is empty.

Can I run Local in some debugging mode that would produce more verbose logging?