Local by flywheel live link

Hi, I am new in website design and have very little coding experience, i can only go as far as HTML & CSS so please excuse my lack of jargon. I have just started using wordpress to design my website, using both local by flywheel and wordpress-multisite. I designed a site using local by flywheel => wordpress-multisite, the site is designed successfully but the problem i have is with the live link from local by flywheel, I am able to get the live link when i click on enable but the problem occurs with the page that appears when i click or view the live link, it does not show the website I have designed, instead in shows a site titled “my site name - just another wordpress site” and more other details like the Hello world, the category and the 1 comment. Can anyone kindly assist, your help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

It’s not possible for now, you can upvote for the featured request : LiveLink for subsites from multisite