LiveLink for subsites from multisite

When creating liveLink, it’s only possible to view root site on an multisite instance. It will be great to see subsites.

Some support has been asked by the community :

Thanks !

This is a surprisingly useful feature that I’m surprised doesn’t have more upvotes…its just due to many people not making use of multisite as its a very niche use-case but for those people who do need multisite know that this feature would be extremely helpful

With that said I dont think a voting system is necessary for this…it should just be implemented if there’s leeway from the devs.

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Thank you for the feedback here @shairu! We’re always on the lookout for requests from the community. As you mentioned this might be a bit “niche” since there hasn’t been much traction on this feature over the last few years, but we will continue to watch and gauge interest!