Local by Flywheel with Astra broken with Brizy Page Builder

L by F: 3.3.0
Wordpress: 5.4.1

I am using Local by Flywheel to build my page using the Brizy Pro page builder. I am using the Astra theme. However, I have the choice of using the Brizy, built into the page builder, theme, or the Astra theme. Brizy recommends using the Brizy theme.

When I switch from the Brizy template to the Astra template all my work goes to hell, which is to be expected.

In Flywheel, I can create a link so my client can see work in progress…but the link I get from Flywheel is to the broken Astra site. All the formatting I did in Brizy disappears as the link is to the broken Astra site.

Help please - thanks.

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