Astra Update broken on Local by Flywheel

I have just started using Flywheel and have two sites just starting to build with Astra and Elementor. Great! Love it! There was an Astra Update so I updated…now it’s all screwed up!!! I got some help and found it’s at the Flywheel end so I did what was recommended: flywheel settings > advanced settings > disable faster docker volumes. Closed the sites and restarted the app…nothing changed.

When I click on activate Astra all I get is ‘Stylesheet Missing’.
When I try to delete there is no red Delete to click on.
When I try to upload from an Astra download from my computer I get ‘Failed’.
Astra doesn’t show in my list of Themes but when I go ‘Add New’ it says it’s installed.

I may just have to try MAMP and give up.