Local cannot start up macOS Catalina

As per title, Local hangs on “Checking System…” cannot do anything like this (screenshot).

I have seen other threads that suggest updating Local to version 5.0.6, but I’m on 3.3.0 and it says I’m up to date (screenshot).

I have seen other threads, but they do not offer any solution and/or are not relevant as not with macOS Catalina (10.15).

Looking forward to a working solution.

Seems OK here

Here’s a few tips for running Local by Flywheel on macOS Catalina: https://getflywheel.com/wordpress-support/running-local-by-flywheel-on-macos-catalina/

@flyjack - many thanks, I will have a look at that!

Edit: that is working indeed, thanks for pointing it out.

Question: is Virtual Box still necessary with Local Lightning?

Hey @Bohande,

Thanks for giving Local a try!

We have a guide here on using Local by Flywheel (v3.3.0) on MacOS Catalina.

Local v 5.0.6 is our beta for a new version of Local which removes Virtual Machine and includes some other improvements. You can find all releases for local on this page.

@kristin.luce Thanks, I actually have been using Local already for a few years, “inspired” by I believe a post by Chris over at CSS Tricks :slight_smile:

First need to figure out the process of exporting (export is greyed out) before I can move to Ligtning and remove Virtual Box then…

Edit: turns out the site needs to be running before it can be exported…

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