Local changed my Sitehost number and now I am not able to access my page


I’m new to this, so the issue might be easy to fix but is very stressing to me.

Issue Summary

As in the topic - local changed the sitehost number and now I can’t access my page. The error says ERR_INVALID_HTTP_RESPONSE.

Troubleshooting Questions

Is there a way (and if there is then how) to change the port number back to the one it was before?

Hi there @15liov -

To clarify, are you using the localhost Router mode?



Hello Sam,
Yes, I am using the localhost Router Mode

I was able to bypass this error by cloning the website to another app and by changing the Router Mode to “Site domains” and set to “trusted” on certificates area on the app.

For some reason this keeps happening when using localhost:port so I’d rather set a domain and work with it.

The cloning part is not a fix, is a workaround since we need to use the app, not fix the app.
I don’t have time to bugfix or investigate occasional incompatibilities, I just need the app working so I went down this road.


Similar to @tiagorodrigues here, are you able to resolve this by changing your Router Mode to Site Domains? You may not even need to clone the site first if you want to just try adjusting the setting.

You can find this under Local > Settings > Advanced.

Keep us posted and we’d be happy to help further!

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