Local crashing when trying to access to source code

I hope someone can help me with this - it’s getting so frustrating.
I am trying to access the source code in ‘editor’ wp. Everytime I do, I get this error:
Local Router Error
Our apologies for the inconvenience. The Local router is not able to connect to the site you requested.

We suggest you try the following:

Restart Site - Go to the Local by Flywheel app and restart the site you are attempting to access.
Contact us - If the issue persists please contact us.

It does not happen when I try to access any other module.
Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Firstly, what’s the source of the website? Was it created on Local or it came from another source and was imported to Local?

If it was imported, did you correctly replace all the domains and links on the database?
I just tested on a website created in Local and could access it normally. (there’s a long time I didn’t access this feature haha).

As a side note, I recommend you mess with code directly on the files, using notepad or a Text Editor of your choice instead of using Editor in Wordpress.

I created it from local.

I am not an expert in this so I only know how to access it via editor.

Do you use Local from a Windows or Mac OS?

And if you don’t have practice with it, do you know what you need to change on the code, with the editor? Or you’re learning?

I know what I need to do with it – paste a code before for live chat and a google analytics code.

Well, I got it now.

To find the files of your Wordpress website, follow the instructions below:

If you are on a Mac, follow the path:
Users > YOUR USER > Local Sites > NAME OF THE SITE > app > public

If you are on a Windows follow this path:
C:\Users\YOUR USER\Local Sites\NAME OF THE SITE\app\public

In this folder you got to the root of the file structure on Wordpress, from there you get to various other folder (themes, plugins, uploads, etc).
OBS: If you are looking for the functions.php file, you will find it on your active theme’s folder:
(…)public\wp-content\themes*NAME OF THE THEME*\

There you will find it :slight_smile:
To edit them and add the codes, you can open with Notepad or an Text Editor that you like, I recommend SublimeText (https://www.sublimetext.com/3) or Notepad++ (https://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v7.5.6.html).
I hope it was helpful, if you need any further help let me know!