Local Flywheel Does Not Open

Hi Everyone

So i have the weirdest problem, i have been using Local Flywheel for about two months and I love it, haven’t had any issues until last week. Where all of a sudden it does not open, it open the icon on my taskbar but when i click on it or hover over it it doesn’t open?

I have un0installed and re-installed

Hi @MidnightMonkey,

My guess is that the window is hidden off-screen somewhere.

Can you please try the solutions in this article? https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows/bring-misplaced-off-screen-windows-back-to-your-desktop-keyboard-trick/

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Clay you are a Legend. Thank you problem is resolved :slight_smile: can finally open it

So i sit on a new problem unfortunately now, before i ran into these issues I was busy developing about 5 sites with Local Flywheel, I obviously had to uninstall and re-install ect

Now none of my old sites want to start up, I can add new sites but the older ones are stuck at “starting” before i unstalled ect I made a copy of Local sites?

any pointers

Hi @MidnightMonkey,

Sorry for the delay getting back to you on this!

I’m glad that was the problem :slight_smile:

Regarding restoring your existing Local sites, here’s the best way to solve that: How can I restore a site from a Local site folder?