Local for Teams: Synching Local sites between team members

Can you synch sites/files/databases between team members directly when using Local for Teams? Or does each person only have the option to push/pull from either Production or Staging, and synch eachother up that way?

I have tried to find more in-depth documentation on Local for Teams but have only found https://getflywheel.com/wordpress-support/getting-started-with-local-for-teams-features/ and this community. If there is another area with more documentation please let me know! I have a few questions and I will ask them separately to keep each post on topic.

@jamieschmid, good question!

Syncing a Local site across team members’ copies of Local is not built in.

Have you considered using the Staging site for the purpose of shared use/access to updates? The caveat with Staging on Flywheel is that Staging sites are not backed up automatically, but with Local Connect to Staging, you can easily have a backup by pulling Staging to Local.

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Thank you for this answer. This is actually fine for most scenarios, except our “client-visible” site is Staging and I’d like more of a dev site for testing things between developers - whether that’s by synching locally, or hosted on Flywheel.

Also for sharing things like uploads, settings, content etc. I do though understand that synching the database is tricky for many reasons.

Opening another topic for my next question :wink: