Using Flywheel across multiple machines

Hello. I’ve recently started using Local on my desktop iMac, however I often need to work on the same projects from home/whilst on the move. Is it possible to ‘mirror’ local sites so that this can be achieved? Currently, if I try to re-setup a site on my laptop, I get an error as local files already exist in the same location.

If this ins’t possible, does anyone know of a decent alternative local dev setup?

Many thanks,


Maybe accessing the remote machine with ScreenConnect or TeamViewer?

We absolutely hear everyone’s feedback regarding syncing Local sites. We’ve been looking into this a lot and hope to have a streamlined solution in the future.

With that said, here’s what you can do now.


To get around the error saying a site already exists, create a fresh site in another path and then map it to your Dropbox/Cloud folder using the Local Volumes addon here:


To sync the database you could pay for a micro instance with Amazon RDS and then set your wp-config.php to connect to that remote database. A micro instance is about $12/mo.