Local hangs at 'Getting Docker Machine env.'

I’ve just migrated from Pressmatic, and a problem I had with Pressmatic has migrated to Local: Routing errors prevent me from being able to load any site using apache. Only nginx sites work. Most of my local sites are nginx, and I didn’t have any problems with those.

In an attempt to remedy the apache problem, I updated my version of Virtualbox and deleted my local machine to start over. Now every time I launch Local, it goes through the process until it gets to the third step, then hangs. The last item in the log before it hangs is

Getting Dock Machine env

The wheels have been spinning for more than two hours. If I quit Local, then start up again, I end up with the problem cited here: Can't install - Host already exists: "local-by-flywheel" and I delete the machine and start again. Same problem every time.

I’ll file a separate thread about the apache issue after I get this resolved. This new issue is particularly bad because it renders my entire local dev environment dead.

I ended up restoring Pressmatic using Time Machine, then installing Local by Flywheel over that again and it’s all working fine now. I’ve no idea exactly what happened, but I’m done hacking around with config files trying to fix things on my own.