Local hangs when trying to open any pages but Home

local-by-flywheel.log (70.1 KB)

I followed the instructions here: Local hanging after macOS update - Support - Local Community and got this in Terminal: 52 AM.


Hi Daniel,

Sorry for the trouble!

That error is probably showing since the VM is already running. You’ll need to shutdown the local-by-flywheel VM first by right-clicking on it in VirtualBox and going to Close » ACPI Shutdown.

Once you do that, you can follow those instructions again.

With all of that said, I’m not sure that this will help the issue you’re running into. Is your browser not loading any page on the website other than home or is the issue in Local itself?

Hi Clay,

Thanks for your response. The browser is not loading the other pages. It
consistently hangs for about five minutes and then gives me an error
message saying the server is busy or got disconnected.

And when you say virtual Box, are you referring to the flywheel interface

I’m not at my computer right now, so will have to try things again later



I’m talking about VirtualBox itself. Local will automatically install it if you don’t already have it installed.

Got it! In this case, you may want to try toggling Faster Docker Volumes on or off depending on the state it’s currently in. You can do so in Local under Preferences » Advanced.

Hi Clay, thanks for your response. I was tied up with other activities yesterday. The Faster Docker Volumes was set to on. I toggled it off. I waited for Flywheel to reset and was not able to get the site to load at all. I tried rebooting the program and trying again, then toggling it back on and trying multiple times. I also re-started Virtual Box. No luck yet…


Can you provide a screenshot of what you’re seeing in your browser when it gives you the error?


Clay, I tried following this: Installing WP in a subdirectory with custom table prefix - #8 by clay - Support - Local Community by searching for ‘//localhost:3000’ and replacing with ‘//localhost:3001

Got it, thanks for the screenshot!

What are the //localhost:3000 and //localhost:3001 URLs?

If //localhost:3000 is the previous site URL, you’ll want to use the domain of the Local site instead of localhost and a port. It’ll be something along the lines of //some-site.local.

Gulp is generating the url automatically so that my browser stays in sync. As long as I’m developing locally using SASS, the url is a localhost address (depending on what is generated by gulp - so usually localhost:3000 or localhost:3001). What exactly is happening when I run this search/replace command? For example the results show 0 replacements…image Does that indicate there is nothing that needs changing - and therefore is not going to help me?