Local installation stuck at Host and is not working (Please help!)

Hello Support Community,

I’m new here and I am still learning. I tried to install Local, but the problem is that it is stuck at Host Machine. The installation started, but stuck at almost the quarter of the line. I read other threads about this topic and followed guidelines but it didn’t work.

This is what I’ve already done:

-I managed to enable vt-x/amd-v and hyper-v was automatically disabled
-I updated virtualbox to the latest version and run as administrator
-I uninstalled and re-installed Local by Flywheel (run as administrator)
-I restarted my device, Lenovo running Windows 10 Home, several times throughout the process.

Note that when the Host Installation get stuck I see CPU usage warning raise to 100% on Task Manager.

Note also that there is no local by flywheel VM in virtualbox; it’s empty!

See log attached.

local-by-flywheel.log (30.1 KB)